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Children's Ministry Digital Edition

(Preschool - 6th Grade)

Increase your ministry's visibility with our easy-to-use, customizable newsletter. Our cost- and
time-effective tool keeps you in touch with the parents in your ministry. One of the greatest
assets youth ministers have in their ministry is parents. Engage them in your ministry.

Saves time: The ParentLink Children's Ministry Digital Edition is a complete newsletter to keep parents informed with a minimal amount of work each month.

Cost-effective: At $79.99 per year, that's only $6.67 for each month's complete, ready-to-print issue.

Relevant: Filled with 3 pages of age-relevant (Preschool - 6th grade) topics and Biblical-based content. The fourth page is your own calendar.

Simple: The newsletter is a Microsoft Word or Publisher document. Download and print.

Customizable: Add your calendar info or customize any part of the newsletter you like.

Flexible: As a Word document, the newsletter is completely editable by you. Add or change content to fit your needs.

Easy to distribute: Print and mail, email, or post on your web site.

Credible and reliable: Brought to you by the editors of GROUP Magazine & maintained by Group-you have our 100% satisfaction guarantee!
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